Your Spouse Doesn't Want To Hear Another Story About Your Business

But we do

We're a tribe of entrepreneurs who will never get sick of talking about your copy.

Being a staff of one is lonely and some days you just want to complain about WordPress to someone who gets it. WE GET IT.

We also get:

  • How frustrating the FB Ad Manager can be
  • How AWESOME the Zapier Zap you just discovered is
  • How you make time for that 2-hour podcast (double speed, duh)

This is where you get to nerd out on the stuff your "normal" friends don't understand. We understand.

"The fun thing about UTM codes…” - Actual quote from the woman in the top left corner. We're laughing because UTM codes are fun and not because I said, "Hey yall, I need a screenshot for the new website, let's pretend like we're laughing."

For more on what this is and how it works, keep scrolling down.

How It Works

To get into the Arena you have to fill out a long-but-entertaining application, qualify for an interview, endure said interview, and then wait for us to determine if you're cool enough to sit with us.

If you're a good fit (see below for what that means) here's what's in store for you:

Weekly Virtual Events

Each week we host events on Zoom where you can collaborate, connect, and get feedback from fellow coworkers. Our events include Brainstorms, Happy Hours, Expert Office Hours, Member-led Workshops, and our infamous Smackdowns, where we rip apart a business problem you're struggling with (and hopefully fix it).

Personal Introductions

Get curated introductions to fellow co-workers who can help your business grow and/or people we just think you'll like (aka meet your work wife...or husband...or partner...we don't care, we just like alliteration which is why we went with "wife," but you do you boo boo).

Online Discussion Forum

This is our Slack community where you get to avoid doing work just like a real office. We use it to vent, ask dumb questions, brag about wins, and geek out on things our normal friends don't understand.

The quality of discussion here is unlike anything you've seen online because we'll banish you if you post crap like: "Hey guys! I'm so excited I published this! Please share!" No no no no NO.

Talia (a member) says I should add something here about "the speed at which your problems can start getting solved. A lot of times I wouldn't know where else to go or who else to ask that's qualified. The Arena solves that. The time thing is huge!"

Private Membership Portal

Get access to exclusive resources like your coworker catalog, tech tools we love, videos of our past events and workshops, and more.

Our founder loves the portal but none of our members really GAF about this part. They just want to hang out with each other on Slack and Zoom which is fine and shut up that's not a tear I just have something in my eye!!

The Arena Is Currently Closed 🙁

For more information, please visit That Seems Important.

Katherine Copeland Maund

"My career has exploded in a matter of months since I joined the Arena. Don't get me wrong; I've worked my ass off. But I've also seen what's real and what's possible and have been able to truly believe it can happen for me. The Arena is such a gift."

Katherine Copeland Maund
Owner, Copeland + Co 

"The Arena has helped me cut through the isolation of working on my own. Outside of one understands what I do for a living (or why it's stressful). I can't tell you how much nicer life is when you have a community of peers to share victories, failures, and ideas with throughout the day." 

Jason Connell
Founder, Jason

"I actually find myself telling my kids about 'my entrepreneur people' or 'my Arena buddies.' They're my mentors, my friends, my confidantes, my cheerleaders, and my faithful bullshit callers."  Rachel Jordan Founder, 929 Marketing

"I actually find myself telling my kids about 'my entrepreneur people' or 'my Arena buddies.' They're my mentors, my friends, my confidantes, my cheerleaders, and my faithful bullshit callers."

Rachel Jordan
Founder, 929 Marketing


"I have not been able to find such a powerful combination of connections in any other coworking/networking/mastermind space, either online or offline."

Maggie Frank Hsu
Founder, MFH Consulting

Real Feedback. Real Advice. Real Entrepreneurs.

Our members are out there facing real critics, real market feedback, and real failure. They are "in the Arena" (it's a metaphor for where the action takes place).

The Arena is where you get out of your head and into the game. We stole the phrase from Teddy Roosevelt's 1910 speech "Citizenship in a Republic:"

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the Arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...who at the best knows [...] the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Roosevelt starts that paragraph off by saying, "it's not the critic who counts," which we took to mean if you're on the sidelines you can't sit with us.



No one understands what it's like to be in the Arena except for people in the Arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a Mastermind or Accelerator?

Most masterminds provide coaching and accountability - and while you can get both in the Arena, we are not coaches. We exist to be your support system and offer advice from our own experiences in the trenches.  

The value here is support and access to like-minded people who are also sifting through the muck and trying to figure this stuff out.

While your business will accelerate if you're a member, we are not an accelerator. We don't take equity from you and we don't have an 8-week curriculum or demo day or any expectation of hockey-stick growth. 

Can I still join if I have a side hustle?

If you're building something bigger than yourself on nights and weekends, then yes, you belong here. It's your mindset that matters.

We're looking for people who view their jobs as their side hustle and their business is their main gig.  

How much does The Arena cost?

Traditional physical coworking spaces cost thousands per month (masterminds and braintrusts are equally out-of-control with prices ranging from $5,000-$25,000 for entry into an "elite" club).

That’s why the Arena is only $1,194 for 6-months of membership. That's $199/month -- less than how much you spend on groceries.

We are selective with who we accept and this price acts as a filter for people who aren’t serious about contributing to the community.

How active do I need to be?

You can be as active (or inactive) as you like. We don’t mandate participation, but we notice that people get more out of their membership when they participate. Still, some months you have sick kids, snow days, and in-laws who won’t leave so...we get it. 

Life happens. We’re here to support you, not peer pressure you to hang out with us (though, we might...but because we like you, not because you have to).

I'm trying to get seed funding, can you help?

Nope. We are not for startups or VC-backed companies. Our members are building long-lasting personal brands, consultancies, agencies, freelancing businesses, virtual small businesses, and digital platforms. If you're building a SaaS company or need funding in order to grow, this is not the right community for you.

I have a brick and mortar business, will this work for me?

It depends on what you need. We have a few B&M store owner members, but they are online a lot. If you run a store that requires you to be offline most of the time, you probably won't get as much value from virtual coworkers.

In our opinion, the community is most valuable for service-businesses. However, we do accept (and currently have) e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and product-based business owners into the space.

Generally, our members are concerned with growth so topics tend to revolve around that. If you're stuck on logistics like supply chain management or R&D this is probably not the right community.