what is a lifestyle business

What Is a Lifestyle Business, Anyway?

I recently witnessed a conversation in the Arena that took on a surprisingly emotional reaction. Not emotional as in tears, but emotional as in I know my answer but I feel like I have to explain myself because other people not in the Arena seem to have O-p-i-n-i-o-n-s about it. You know, that kind of (…)

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virtual coworking for solopreneurs

Virtual Coworking: An Unexpected Place to Find Your Tribe

There’s nothing like the first Monday after you’ve decided to trade in the world of cubicles (or open-air offices, depending on your field) for the world of your living room, kitchen, or home office. Finally, you think. Finally, I’m my own boss. And then the loneliness kicks in. Once you’ve poured your coffee and perused (…)

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Thinking About Starting a Lifestyle Business? Here’s Why You Should

With the rise of startups and the insane unicorn returns that have come with them, “lifestyle business” has become a dirty word. A polite way of saying “doesn’t make money” or “not a real business.” It’s not altogether wrong. Since Tim Ferriss’s breakout hit, 4 Hour Work Week, thousands of idealists have flocked to Southeast Asia to “escape (…)

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