Virtual Coworking: An Unexpected Place to Find Your Tribe

There’s nothing like the first Monday after you’ve decided to trade in the world of cubicles (or open-air offices, depending on your field) for the world of your living room, kitchen, or home office. Finally, you think. Finally, I’m my own boss.

And then the loneliness kicks in.

Once you’ve poured your coffee and perused your email at a leisurely pace for the first time ever, it occurs to you that there’s no one else is around. Your spouse is at work. Your kids are at school. And all of a sudden you notice just how much your pets sleep during the day. (I mean really. They sleep all day.)

When I was still new to working for myself, that was the moment when I decide to make a snack. And then clean the kitchen. And then think about laundry. After that, of course, it was time for lunch. Finally, in the afternoon I’d sit down and think, Boy, I’d really better get some work done.

Sound familiar? If so, then you need a virtual coworking space.

What Is Virtual Coworking?

You probably already know what coworking for entrepreneurs in real life looks like, especially given the fact that there are about as many WeWork spaces these days as there are Starbucks and McDonalds.

But what about virtual coworking?

Virtual coworking is a way for solopreneurs and side hustlers to find others like themselves to mingle with. Since venturing out on your own means not being able to hit up the expert in your marketing department or get help from the dev team, virtual coworking was created to give you a similar experience.

Think of it as a watercooler without all the annoying “how was your weekend” questions.

With virtual coworking, you can run ideas by people who are running their own businesses just like you are. You can ask for feedback when you need it, get help finding contractors who can do the things you can’t (or don’t have time for). And you can finally lament over the pressures of entrepreneurship that your spouse, parents, and friends are desperately tired of hearing about.

Because no one really gets it unless they get it, you know?

In short, virtual coworking helps to remove the deeply “solo” feeling of solopreneurship — so you can finally get the community you need to help you grow your business (and actually enjoy yourself in the process).

Where Can You Find Virtual Coworking?

Well, the Arena, for one!

The Arena was created for exactly this reason — to connect like-minded doers of the world so they can find their tribes and get moving on their goals. Living a purpose-filled life can be a lonely one when no one around you understands why you’re doing it or how it takes up so much of your time.

The Arena is here to take that loneliness away and give you access to real people just like yourself and access to their experience and expertise. But we’re not the only ones.

Seth Godin has a program called altMBA designed to help you take your business to the next level, and there are other communities like myworkhive that enable you to find coworkers remotely. It doesn’t matter which one you join, all that matters is that you find the right one for you.

Get out there and find your tribe, as virtual coworking can help you do. Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to be alone. We need more purposeful, mission-driven people out there changing the world — and you deserve to get the community you crave while doing it.